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At GlobalUY we receive and welcome changes through agile work methodologies. Those projects that present high degrees of uncertainty and complexity automatically become challenges.

Within the agile methodologies, our team chooses Scrum, taking into account that it has the largest number of certified people globally. 

The main characteristic of Scrum is the collaborative work through good practices in order to obtain the best possible result in a project. It is designed to be used in complex environments, where the need to obtain results is imminent and the requirements may not always be defined, but innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity are present.


The necessary information is gathered to outline the product. Once the necessary data is gathered, requirements and steps are determined.


The equipment determines specifications such as programming language or hardware requirements.


Our collaborators receive the information from the previous stages and develop a functional product.


This is a defining stage, since product testing begins and weak points are detected.


The first version of the product is complete and the deliverables to be installed or launched are presented.


The product is put into operation in order to check its operation and, if necessary, to correct it by means of modifications or updates.

From the start

This process simplifies project management, due to the sequentiality of its phases. Taking into account that the completion of each stage is definitive, it should start with a clear definition of requirements.

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