Software Clock:
SaaS tool helps modernize human resource operations

by Mandy Trilck
Software as a service, or Saas: The software distribution model of the cloud computing era. In this model, customers access programs via the internet rather than installing them on their own computers.

SaaS encompasses free applications such as Google Search and paid products like Adobe Photoshop. For paid programs, customers typically sign up for a subscription that varies based on function and user type. SaaS has become the most popular model for Human Resource Management (HRM) technology in the United States. In Latin America traditional models are still common, though SaaS is quickly gaining ground.

The Story

Software Clock is a startup based in Uruguay that wanted to create a powerful HRM tool that businesses of all size could use. They wanted to make the switch to cloud computing as painless and inexpensive as possible for their clients.

The founders came to us with this idea and we were tasked with performing the research necessary to make a product that would exceed their clients’ expectations. We analyzed other products on the market and consulted experts in the HR field. After this research we were able to create a basic version of the product, which we then began to test with users to further develop functionalities.


We chose to work with CakePHP for this project. PHP is a widely-used programming language that forms the backbone of sites such as Facebook, and Cake is a framework that provides open-source libraries that increase development speed.

Each client we tested with had its own set of complex needs, which challenged us to improve and add many features, resulting in a superior product.

Important Features

• Photo verification of identity for clock-in

• System of intelligent alerts that informs the system manager when employees are absent or forget to clock-in/out. This helps the manager stay up-to-date at all times and make corrections as necessary

• Customizable reporting

• Graphs and charts for company statistics

• Mobile app for iOS and Android

• Intuitive system to create users profiles and manage scheduling


With Software Clock we created an application that has helped many businesses make a painless switch to managing their HR within a cloud environment.

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