Delivering tools and information that help businesses internationalize

by Mandy Trilck
SMEs: Small and medium-sized enterprises, which represent more than 90% of the total productive units throughout the majority of South American countries.

The Story

Aladi is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses across South America internationalize their operations within the region.

The client asked us to create a new web portal that would allow users to access important tools and information. The tools are intended to help businesses grow by showing them opportunities in the import/export market. The platform tracks areas such as product production, trade history, and inflation for countries across the region.


Our client wanted to have control over the front-end of their site to be able to easily modify and make additions to content. However the tools and database needed for the project required a custom application to manage the back-end. We solved the problem by integrating Wordpress, a popular and easy-to-use content management system, with a custom application made in Ruby on Rails.

Important Features

• Graphs and tables showing a wide variety of statistics about specific products and markets

• Database of organizations within each country that offer resources for SMEs

• Calendar of trade events

• Member business directory

• Registration for new members


Aladi's platform is helping small to medium-sized enterprises across South America expand their market and grow their businesses.

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